Ysrcp leader sajjala ramakrishna reddy slams chandrababu in kuppam tour and comments on swaroopananda swamiji

Sajjala Ramakrishna reddy: YSR CP leader and Jagan government adviser Sajjala Ramakrishnareddy has said that there will be no contest from the party regarding the Teachers’ MLC elections. TDP chief Chandrababu on unemployment ..

Sajjala Ramakrishna reddy: YSR CP leader and Jagan government adviser Sajjala Ramakrishnareddy has said that there will be no contest from the party regarding the Teachers’ MLC elections. Attempts were made to hoist the flag including photos of TDP chief Chandrababu as unemployed. He said that Babu’s face changes when he eats shock, and Eddewa said that Chandrababu was shocked after the Alipiri incident as well as now. Babu has been criticized for saying nonsense without rites. Chandrababu also went to Swarupananda Swami who was worshiping Kshudra at that time. Babu does not agree as to why the votes were cast by the people. Sajjala satires were laid on Chandrababu Kuppam Yatra. Sajjala criticized Babu for saying that the elections were a ploy to make the leaders not leave the TDP on mere excuses.

Meanwhile, the panchayat continues to be the frog venue in AP today. TDP chief Chandrababu has stepped into his own constituency after a crushing defeat in the panchayat elections. Kuppam cadre‌ began efforts to reassure them in the face of severe depression and anxiety. He will stay here for three days. Zone-wise meetings with activists are planned. However, the unprecedented Chandrababu Kuppam tour is creating tension this time. The suspense over what will happen next with the YCP leaders’ warnings continues. The YCP leaders are debating whether Chandrababu has done anything for the constituency in the last few years and at least in the corona time he has ignored the people.

YCP leaders are trying to block opposition leader Chandrababu at every step. Police have increased security in the wake of the opposition leader on the tour. On the other hand, the never-before-seen NTR family photos on the Chief Tour have become interesting. In the past, whenever Chandrababu came, they used to put flexi with his photos. Banners now in Gudupalli include photos of junior NTR, Harikrishna and Balakrishna. A photo of party state president Achennaidu was also placed on the banners. The same pile is leading to a new debate in the TDP.

In this context, politics has become a hot topic in the AP. The YCP aims to politically hurt TDP chief Chandrababu in his own constituency. The previous panchayat elections were somewhat successful. Against this backdrop, TDP warnings on the heap .. YCP ultimatums .. are creating high tension. Today, with TDP chief Chandrababu Toure, they have gone even further. Will the YCP continue to work if Chandrababu is not allowed to set foot in his own constituency? If the same happens .. what kind of answer are the Telugus going to give to the YCP ranks? These doubts are now raising eyebrows. Police are expected to take action instead of taking the situation seriously.

Chandrababu Kuppam tour is creating tension. The YCP alleges that Chandrababu, who has given many guarantees over the years, has not fulfilled any of them. He was criticized for cheating by saying he would bring water from Handrineva. Moreover, Chandrababu could not burn Flexi and vent his anger. This warning‌ fires when Chandrababu is coming to the heap. TDP responded to YCP warnings in the same range. The counter offered that it would not be so easy to obstruct their boss. Pulivendula politics is not allowed here.

If Chandrababu is coming to Kuppam, in the past there were welcome arrangements in O Range. But now there are scenes where protests are welcomed. Why has the situation changed ..? Chandrababu..Kuppam. The two names have had a strong bond for decades. How pulivendula YS family .. TDP leader Chandrababu is like a heap. The TDP boss scolds the pile with a look everywhere. There he mate Veda .. inscription. Such is the TDP climate there has been declining since the 2019 elections. Chandrababu’s declining majority in Assembly elections .. It seems that the equations have changed with the fan atmosphere in the recent panchayat elections. Talk is heard that Chandrababu is coming to his own department to direct the cadre to avoid the situation.

In fact, the YCP, which has been making special efforts in the heap since the assembly elections, has changed its strategy by the time of the panchayat elections. If there are 89 panchayats in Kuppam constituency .. 75 fell in YCP account. TDP got 13. After seeing this figure, the commotion in the TDP camp started. Anxiety began to set in as to what was going on in the pile. Although the majority of Chandrababu has decreased in the last two elections, the yellow flag will definitely fly. The strategy devised by the YCP with the aim of cracking down on this fort worked as well as the TDP ranks as well as the mind-blank for the chief. The Telugu brothers are wondering whether the YCP will rise in the heap in a way that is unimaginable. Now it seems that Chandrababu has decided to go to Kuppam immediately after seeing the panchayat results.

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