Zomato, Netflix, Pizza Hut and other brands share hilarious Shweta memes. Viral posts

The Pawri trend kind of just subsided slightly as Shweta has taken over the internet since Thursday. #Shweta occupied the top spot on the trends list after a recording of this particular woman’s call with her friend Radhika went viral on social media on Thursday. As Shweta memes flooded Twitter, brands including Netflix, OYO Rooms and Zomato joined the trend as well and shared hilarious jokes.

Zomato’s post, “issued in public interest”, asserted, “Reminder: Always mute your audio while having food or gossiping about your possessive friends.” Pizza Hut India’s post was epic: “#Shweta is that sibling who’ll be like, ‘Mom, pata hai aaj bhaiya ne chup ke pizza mangwaya aur mujhe kaha aap ko nahi batane ke lie.'”

Voot added a Bigg Boss twist in their Shweta meme but it was OYO Rooms’ post that gets extra points from us.

See the Shweta memes posted by brands here:


Shweta began trending on February 18 due to a major blunder that she did as she forgot to mute her mic during an online class. It appears that during the class, Shweta was speaking to one of her friends on a call, and forgot to switch off the mic. During the conversation, Shweta appeared to speak to her friend about a personal relationship of a person who seemed to be their common pal.

As Shweta’s mic was on, all the 111 students, part of the online class, ended up hearing the entire conversation and that soon went crazy viral on social media. Users posted memes and jokes while Shweta continues to trend today as well.

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